The diagnosis of an infant as autistic, usually as early as 12 to 18 months - often causes a crisis in the family with the dream of having a “normal” child shattered. Professional literature recognizes that the entire family goes through a multi-stage process beginning with shock and mourning and on to denial, mixed feelings of anger, frustration, blame, anxiety and depression, a deep love and concern for the child and finally, acceptance.

This process can create an additional crisis in the parents’ relationship. Parents, preoccupied 24/7 with the care of their child, might exchange blame for the difficult situation they are in and neglect their other children. Siblings also can experience difficult times, shame, neglect, and even depression. Alut Family Centers attend to these problems and more, serving as a reference and source of information for families with the following support services:

  • A professional library
  • 24/7 Hotline for emergencies
  • Lectures on different issues in the field of autism
  • Support groups for parents and other family members discussing relevant issues
  • A network of “parents for parents”

The center also provides training for care professionals in autism-treatment methods. Alut operates five family centers in Beer Sheva, Givatayim, Karmiel, Jerusalem and a mobile family center for Arabic speakers.

Upon your immigration/return to Israel we at ALUT are here at your disposal to assist you with any question or difficulty that may arise regarding the integration of your child in the most suitable educational framework. It is true that there are and will be many difficulties, but ALUT will stand right by you and will assist you as much as we can.


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Rights Hotline: *5922 (in Hebrew)

Emotional Support line  (parents for parents): 03-6709094
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Friday - 12"00-14;30

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