Children with Autism often need extensive care and supervision. They need to maintain their regimen of therapies and rehabilitative services even when school is not in session. To respond to these needs, ALUT operates especially designed summer and holiday camps throughout Israel to address the unique needs of autistic children and their parents during the summer months and Jewish holidays.  The program operates during daytime with no overnight stay.

Weekend Break

ALUT's Weekend Break is part of our holistic recreation concept that allows children and adults with autism and their families a sequence of complimentary education programs after formal school hours and on weekends. Children and adults with autism require structure and assistance as well as supervision during leisure. The intense demands of caring for people with autism creates a need for their families to ventilate and allocate time to care for the rest of the family members, alongside the need for family activity that includes the needs of the family member on the autistic

 The Child Weekend Break operates on weekends from Thursday (after school) until Sunday morning (the beginning of the Israeli week). Children receive total care including meals, bathing, sleeping facilities, and personal care. The children enjoy recreational activities such as trips, stories, creativity programs, sport activities, and more. This activity allows the autistic child's family "time off" from caring, allowing them and a breath of air to invest in themselves and their other children.

The Family Weekend Break encourages recreation and social engagement between participants, their families and ALUT's community. By experiencing shared interests and self-fulfillment, participants, their family and the community as a whole enjoy a constructive break that energizes and supports their demanding lifestyle. The activity is designed and accompanied by professional counselors and volunteers who attend to all details including training Gvulot Guesthouse staff, the menu and even outlining the schedule in pictures.

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