Volunteering in ALUT's Residential Homes for adults

Each year ALUT's Residential Homes for adults welcomes 150 volunteers from 24 countries around the word.

volunteerALUT volunteers come within the framework of the Unit for Volunteer Services in the Ministry of Welfare.

After a period of three months, the Unit for Volunteer Services and ALUT will take care of the renewal of the volunteer's visa, which will be changed from B/2 (Tourist) to B/4 (volunteer) status.

For this matter the Ministries of Welfare and Interior in Israel established that the volunteers should present:

  • Doctor declaration
  • Police declaration- for not having any sex felonies translated to ENGLISH, signed by apostil.
  • Medical Insurance

ALUT provides the volunteers with adequate sleeping quarters; transportation; pocket money; volunteer insurance in accordance with the laws of the National Insurance Institute; Hebrew language studies.

Volunteers work 5 days a week, 35-40 hours per week.
Volunteers are obligated to volunteer for a minimum 3 months.

Your place with us:
If you want to do something meaningful, and looking a lifetime experience;
If you want to work, learn and specialize in working with adults with Autism;
If you want to be integrated to young, professional, and dynamic staff;
If you want to discover beautiful, sunny, ancient country such Israel.

Here are some touching words from recommendation letters that we wrote to our volunteers over the years. They can tell the real story behind the volunteering:
…"Andrew took care of autistic adults, helping them with daily issues and working with them according to an individual psychological program.  He knew their needs, and was trying to promote them towards actualizing their potential"…
…"During this year, Alex performed his duties with complete dedication, responsibility and creativity"...
…"Zachariah learned Hebrew quite rapidly and could connect with the residents impressively"...
…"During her time with us, Sophia managed to create strong bonds of friendship with almost everyone she met. It was a true pleasure to have her as a part of our staff.
"…Nicole is sensitive and warm hearted. She has a positive attitude and a rare kind of kindness. Nicole is very responsible in her work. Even though she worked with a group of Autistic individuals with complex behavior problems she always treated them with the utmost respect and in her unique gentle way. During the time she was with us, Nicole became an integral part of the staff .We will miss her"...

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