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A “Home for Life” is a facility located in a residential area that offers its residents a lifestyle as similar as possible to that of a typical family life within the community.

The Home serves as a supportive, instructive and developmental environment, and life there affords its members the opportunity of acquiring daily living skills.

Activity at the Home gears members to function as independently as possible, and encourages each and every one of them to fulfill his/her basic needs: personal hygiene, tidying up the house, working in the kitchen, etc.

An individual program is adapted to each resident, according to his or her age, needs, potential in various art fields (drawing, music, etc.) and occupational therapy requirements.

Residence in a Home for Life is organized in groups, similar in size to families, so each resident receives individual care. The residents’ welfare and dignity is given top priority.

ALUT operates 17 Homes throughout the country between Carmiel in the north and Be’er Sheva in the south.

ALUT needs significant support in order to meet the growing demand for its homes.

Home for Life for 24

24 autistic young adults are in urgent need of a home. We have the location (a green area within a residential neighborhood) and building plans.

Now all we need is your support to make it a reality.

alut-modiin-home-autism-israelHome for Life in Modiin

Alut is looking for donations towards the building of a new Home for Life in Modi'in.

pdfPlan for Modiin's "Home for Life"

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