The Guesthouse for Children in Carmiel

Aluteva - the rustic guesthouse in the Carmiel for children with autism and their families - provides treatment, supervision, and activities specially designed and adjusted for each child’s special needs.

This unique place presents families with the rare opportunity during weekends and holidays, to rest and regain their strength while knowing that their children are in capable and professional hands, in a place specifically designed for them. This enables parents to focus their attention on caring for their other children.

Project Description:

A family arriving at the guesthouse is assigned a (double) room with a shower, bathroom and kitchenette. Their child is directed towards a separate adjacent activity room where professional counselors care for him/her. Also available to children is a therapy room, especially equipped to create a relaxing and restful environment.

The ALUTEVA guesthouse is the first of its kind operating on weekends from Thursday (after school) until Sunday morning (the beginning of the Israeli week), on holidays, and school vacations. These times enable parents to promote the leisure time and activities of their child.

Children at the guesthouse receive total care including meals, bathing, sleeping facilities, and personal care. There also are activities such as trips, stories, creativity programs, sport activities, and more.

Average cost per weekend per child (family) - $250

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