Computerized toddler kit


ALUT's Children Division is active throughout the year in Israel, for children with Autism and their families, from the time of diagnosis up to the age of 7.

The main objectives of ALUT's Children Division:

  1. Development and provision of rehabilitative-educational services for toddlers, children and their families, in ALUT's rehabilitative day care centers for infants with Autism ("Alutaf(s)"), in the Education Ministry's  communication kindergartens and in care centers for kindergarten-age children integrated in regular kindergartens.
  2. Developing and maintaining professional knowledge of the professional teams working in the Division's frameworks.

. 3. Preserving and promoting the rights of families with young children with autism in conjunction with ALUT's Rights Advocacy Department and ALUT's Family Center.

During the current school year, 780 children with autism were treated professionally by ALUT's skilled teams. 184 Toddlers were treated at Alutafs (in Be'er Sheva, Rishon Lezion, Assaf Harofeh, Rehovot, Modi'in, Petah Tikva, Holon, Herzliya, Kfar Saba and Netanya) , 570 children were treated in the communication kindergartens throughout the country, and 26 children were integrated into regular kindergartens

During the next academic year, the number of children treated by the Division's frameworks is expected to increase to 932.

The toddlers and children in the frameworks are treated by a skilled professional staff and each child is adapted to an individual- personal educational program according to his / her needs and abilities. In the various treatment settings, the children receive the health basket subsidized by the Ministry of Health, which includes 14 hours of direct and indirect paramedical treatments, such as speech therapy, occupational therapy, psychologist, behavioral analysis, physical therapy and emotional therapy.

Each child in the framework of an intensive care program is treated according to his or her needs. Each treatment is documented and detailed in a special folder in such a way that the treatment will be continuous and consistent even when the therapist changes. It is also possible to monitor the child's progress and to plan the continuation of treatment. In addition to documentation of the treatments, the parent's training sessions, the staff training and the staff meetings are documented. Today, the registration is done manually on a daily basis and when the child completes the treatment in the facility and moves to another kindergarten, the binders with the archival information are sent and stored there. This is very intense and frequent registration. There is no need to detail and explain the importance of monitoring and recording the child's progress in treatment.

Computerized toddler bag

ALUT is now commencing the process of computing documentation and monitoring of treatments, training and staff meetings.

Each child will have a "computerized file" that will include the recommended treatment and daily follow-up of the treatment given to him. The various professionals will monitor the treatment and progress and will prescribe further treatment.

Speech therapists, psychologists, occupational therapists, ABA therapists, etc.- all of them will communicate through the special software written by the professionals of Alut, the treatment given, the progress, the difficulties and the therapeutic plan for the toddler's personal file.

Every professional will have immediate access to the children's files that he/she handles.


The era of cumbersome and heavy binders is over, and every professional (or parent) will have full access to all details of treatment and progress. Every professional will quickly and easily enter the details of the care given to the toddler. Everything will be stored on the server, computerized, innovative, without the need for archival, storage, transportation, etc.

In addition, each therapist will feed the treatment he/she has given for the entire therapeutic system. The software will be simple and user-friendly.

In addition to the professional therapists who provide direct treatment for children, the professional managers and counselors of the professional therapists will have access to the children's files and at any given time they will be able to make comments and promote the quality of care of the children.


Computerize early intervention toddler kit

Total budget- $170,000

Creation of special software


Implementation of the system


Purchase of laptops for each pair of therapists


Training and training of the teams


This is one time project. Once we computerize the toddler kit for almost 1000 autistic toddlers ALUT will maintain the system.

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