Over 20.000 individuals in Israel have been diagnosed with autism.  Statistics show that the numbers will constantly grow. 1 out of 100 babies is diagnosed with Autism. Over 500 infants in Israel are diagnosed annually. The only treatment available to autistic children and adults in Israel until recently was admission into psychiatric hospitals.

ALUT is revolutionizing the treatment of  toddlers with autism, children and adults by doing the following:

  • Establishing effective, integrated, individualized educational programs and maximizing special education services at ALUT's nurseries and treatment centers for toddlers (Alutaf)
  • Establishing rehabilitation and occupational centers for the adults
  • Establishing "Homes for Life", residential homes for autistic people
  • Training professionals to work in this field
  • Providing assistance to families of people with autism
  • Advocating to advance the rights of autistic people and to improve the services available to them and their families

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